Heart disease risk factors and symptoms of a heart attack in women

Heart sickness is now not a man`s sickness alone - it's miles the main motive of loss of life in ladies globally, greater than all of the cancers blended but in ladies, it's miles nevertheless beneathneath identified and beneathneath handled frequently main to suboptimal care and negative outcomes, majority of which can be preventable. Heart sickness can be taken into consideration with the aid of using a few to be greater of a hassle for guys however, it`s the not unusualplace motive of loss of life for each ladies and men and a few coronary heart sickness threat elements and signs and symptoms in ladies can vary from the ones in guys.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Teffy Jose, Consultant Cardiology at Aster Medcity in Kochi, shared, “Most not unusualplace is a coronary heart assault because of blockage which had fashioned inner a chief coronary artery (coronary artery sickness). However, ladies frequently have chest ache without a proof of blockage in principal coronary arteries - Ischemia with No Obstructive Coronary Artery sickness (INOCA) because of sickness in smaller blood vessels(microvascular sickness). Women also are liable to spontaneous dissections or spasm in coronary arteries and strain triggered weak spot of the coronary heart (strain cardiomyopathy). Women, particularly people with rheumatological sicknesses will have involvement in their coronary heart valves.”

What are the threat elements?

Dr Teffy Jose revealed, “Women at mid-existence close to or after menopause are at the best threat. The hormone estrogen increases the extent of HDL (good) ldl cholesterol and enables to preserve the arteries flexible. After menopause, drop in estrogen ranges arise main to better threat of coronary heart sickness. Traditional threat elements like excessive blood strain, diabetes, excessive levels of cholesterol particularly horrific ldl cholesterol and smoking are the maximum vital threat elements for coronary heart sickness in each women and men.”

She added, “Women with diabetes are much more likely to expand coronary heart sickness than guys with diabetes. 3-fold threat of deadly coronary artery sickness is visible in them in comparison to non-diabetic ladies. Emotional strain and despair have an effect on ladies`s hearts adversely. Also, this will make it greater tough to observe a healthful life-style and cling to the encouraged treatments. Additional threat elements encompass own circle of relatives records of coronary heart sickness, weight problems and bodily inactivity, rheumatological sicknesses, being pregnant headaches which include excessive blood strain or diabetes in being pregnant.”

Dr Ravindranath Reddy DR, HOD and Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in Bengaluru, said, “Several conventional threat elements for coronary artery sickness, which include excessive ldl cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, and weight problems, have an effect on each ladies and men, however those conventional threat elements generally tend to motive greater intense sickness in ladies than in guys.” Other threat elements which can play a larger function withinside the improvement of coronary heart sickness in ladies encompass -

Diabetes: Women with diabetes are  to 4 instances much more likely to expand coronary heart sickness than guys with diabetes and feature an expanded threat of getting a silent coronary heart assault.

Hypertension: Women over age 60 are much more likely than guys to have high blood pressure however much less possibly to have it controlled well.

Smoking: Women who smoke are 3 instances much more likely to have a coronary heart assault as in comparison with guys who smoke.

Dyslipidemia: A low stage of HDL ldl cholesterol (“good” ldl cholesterol) is greater intently connected with coronary coronary heart sickness for ladies than for guys.

Emotional strain and despair: Women are much more likely to enjoy psychosocial strain and despair, which can also additionally play an vital function in growing cardiovascular sicknesses.

Physical Inactivity: In general, everyday sports aren't automatically practiced with the aid of using ladies. Lack of bodily pastime is a chief threat element for coronary heart sickness.

Menopause: Low ranges of estrogen after menopause growth the threat of growing sickness in smaller blood vessels.

Pregnancy headaches: Pregnancy-related high blood pressure, Gestational diabetes significantly increases someone`s threat of growing high blood pressure, diabetes later in existence, which can be liable for growing cardiovascular sicknesses.

Peripartum cardiomyopathy: In this condition, that's encountered all through being pregnant and the peripartum period, cardiac muscle will become weak, and chambers get dilated, main to intense congestive coronary heart failure.

Family records of early coronary heart sickness: This seems to be a extra threat element in ladies than in guys.

Autoimmune sicknesses: Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and different autoimmune sicknesses, which can be greater normally visible in ladies, can also additionally growth the threat of coronary heart sickness.

Obesity: Women face a better threat of weight problems once they undergo menopause. They`re additionally much more likely to advantage stomach (belly) fat, that's connected to a better threat for coronary heart sickness.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): PCOS increases someone`s cardiovascular sickness threat. People with PCOS frequently expand person threat elements which include diabetes, excessive blood strain, excessive ldl cholesterol, and sleep apnea.

Oral contraceptive therapy: Use of oral contraceptive drugs can also additionally increase someone`s threat for cardiovascular sickness.

Menopause: Estrogen enables lessen someone`s threat of cardiovascular sickness however menopause and surgical menopause motive estrogen ranges to drop. As a result, someone faces a better threat for growing cardiovascular sicknesses.

Symptoms of a coronary heart assault:

Dr Teffy Jose said, “The maximum not unusualplace symptom in each women and men is classical chest ache or soreness which can also additionally unfold alongside one or different arm. However, ladies can also additionally enjoy a much broader spectrum of signs and symptoms which can also additionally or won't be related to chest soreness. This can also additionally encompass jaw, neck or again ache, shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting, top stomach soreness, palpitation, extra sweating, giddiness or fainting or intense fatigue. Sometimes, a coronary heart assault can be silent particularly in aged or diabetic.”

Talking approximately what desires to be executed to your coronary heart, she suggested, “Women of every age have to take their coronary heart fitness seriously. Get annual test ups to evaluate coronary heart fitness risks. Living a healthful way of life reduces your chance of coronary heart ailment. Regular slight depth cardio bodily workout of at the least one hundred fifty minutes /week like strolling, swimming or biking continues the coronary heart healthful. Including quick bursts of strolling or brisk strolling on your everyday stroll offers the extra enhance of c programming language training. Find approaches to loosen up like yoga or meditation and are seeking for assist from a expert whilst careworn out. Eat balanced diet, get at the least 7-eight hours of sleep and keep a healthful weight. Quit smoking and restriction your alcohol intake.”

She opined, “In general, remedy of coronary heart ailment in males and females is equal consisting of medications, angioplasty, or coronary artery pass surgery. Become informed approximately your numbers of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood ldl cholesterol with strict adherence to way of life adjustments and guiding principle directed therapy. Recognizing signs and symptoms and risks, making way of life modifications and getting well timed care can store a woman`s existence and hence the own circle of relatives and society at large.”

According to Dr Ravindranath Reddy, the maximum not unusualplace coronary heart assault symptom in ladies is similar to in guys: chest ache, pressure, or soreness that lasts greater than a couple of minutes or comes and goes. However, chest ache isn't always constantly excessive or maybe the maximum major symptom, in particular in ladies. Women are much more likely than guys to have coronary heart assault signs and symptoms unrelated to chest ache, such as:

• Neck, jaw, shoulder, or top again ache

• Shortness of breath

• Pain in a single or each arms

• Nausea or vomiting

• Sweating

• Lightheadedness or dizziness

• Unusual fatigue

• Heartburn

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